Athletes for Human Rights

Promoting and encouraging the role of athletes to impact social change locally, nationally and globally.

Twitter: @athletes4rights 

Disability in Sport

Bringing people with disabilities from the margins to become integral members of the sporting community. Organizes individuals and groups to work together to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in sport.

Twitter: @disinsport

Engaged Sport

A forum to discuss the role of educators, coaches, administrators and athletes in building connections between sport, academics and community. 

Twitter: @engagedsport


April 6 is the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace celebrating the power of sport around the world. The Day underlines that sports can foster peace and can contribute to an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding.

Twitter: @IDSDP

Mentoring for Change

Mentorship is an integral part of our global community and represents the interaction and feeling among people who want help and support to realize their full potential. Through the use of innovative technology, this experience enables global audiences and leaders to connect live and participate without geographic constraints to develop powerful mentoring relationships. Mentoring for Change is the driving force for the global collaboration in the development of the International Mentoring Day on January 17, Muhammad Ali's birthday each year.

Twitter: @mentor4change


An adaptive sports news network for photographers, journalist and filmmakers to report on events and competitions and tell the stories, and to challenge the status quo of ability, sport and athleticism. The mission is to resolve the “media desert” surrounding adaptive sports and recreation and to reduce the amount of time it takes someone to discover their ability through the power of sport.

Twitter: @MPowerSportsRec

Olympism Project

Global community to foster the power of sport through the Olympic values, inspiring and empowering individuals and groups to take responsibility for increasing world peace through sport and preserving human dignity.

Twitter: @OlympismProject

rhythm + flow

A dynamic network connecting and bringing attention to the intersection and synergy through the power of sport, and the power of music.

Twitter: @rhythm_n_flow

Solidarity in Sport

Global campaign emphasizing inclusion, equality, and dignity for all athletes around the world.  By joining forces we are using our collective voice to stamp out exclusion, inequality, and stigma.

Twitter: @SISPledge

About Us

The power of sport can inform, empower and transform. This is a platform to fuel and magnify the power of sport movement. This online experience is dedicated to delivering a space for people around the globe to share their power of sport stories and how sport has influenced, challenged and inspired. Sport is a core tenant in our lives. Sport is a universal language.

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